Wine and Georgia – it’s a tie which starts from the ancient times.


 “Georgia is a cradle of wine” – these words belongs to famous British writer and publicist Hugh Jonson founder of vine polis in London in 23 day of April 1999. There are exist plenty of historical, archeological, ethnographic and literature sources proving his words.


The First cultural vine in the world was founded in Georgia. In Kvemo Kartli, in the south part of Tbilisi, Marneuli valley, in the  ruins of settlement Gora, archeologists founded several grape seeds «VitisVineisfera Sativa». In result of various archeological excavations were founded wine vessels of Neolithic period, wine acid residues in the fragments of the clay vessels, also the unique wine vessel qvevri and ancient technologies of wine making. The  vine «Vitis Vineifera Silrestris» still is wide spread on the territory of Georgia. From 1980 forest vine included in the Red Book of Georgia as the state defense object. Except of the wild vine in Georgia are counted more than 525 types of grapes. 


Vine holds the central place in Georgian culture and is closely connected with religious heritage. With propagation of Christianity, when the wine was connected with the blood of Saviour, vine and wine became holiest for Georgia. Cross of St. Nino, who propagated Christianity in Georgia, was made from vine stems. 


Georgia – is a country, famous with its natural generosity. Natural conditions well corresponds the viticulture: summer rarely is very hot, winter is mild and frozen less, mountains around the vineyard are full with natural springs, and rivers flow on valleys waters enriched with minerals. Everything all together with unique technology of wine making not used in other countries means that Georgian wine owns huge potential and preconditions to hold one of the honorable places in world wine market.